This three part series will take your landscapes from average to great! 

      It's as simple as this--we'll cover equipment, techniques, editing processes, and everything you need to know in order to take your landscapes up a few notches.


  • Dates

    • Class 1 | 5/1/17, 6-8pm, @ The Solution Center in Franklin CT

    • Class 2 | 5/8/17, 6-8pm, @ The Solution Center in Franklin CT

    • Class 3 | 5/13/17 @ time and location TBD, your choice!

  • *Workshop will be held in fog or light drizzle.

  • Cost | $125

  • Minimum of 3 participants

For more information on the filters and gear I use, click here!

Required Gear

  • Camera with wide/ultra-wide lens 

    • Wide | 17-18mm on DX, 24mm on FX

    • Ultra Wide | 10-12mm on DX, 16mm on FX

  • Tripod

  • Neutral density filter
    • Variable ND or solid ND greater than 5 stops.
    • *Long exposures can also be done with stopping down the aperture, but ND filters make it much simpler.
  • Remote Release
  • Viewfinder Cover 
  • Graduated neutral density filters and circular polarizers are recommended but not required.

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