The City | A Day Adventuring | Manhattan | 12-19-15

       A few days before christmas last year, my girlfriend and I met up with her friend Pam in Stamford, and headed into NYC for the afternoon. Our goal? To eat, explore, see the tree in Rockefeller Center, and go the One World Observatory in the new One World Trade Center.  

       We took the train from Stamford into Grand Central, and started to make our way onto the streets. Our first stop was The Harold, a wonderful restaurant somewhere in Herald Square.  There we met up with Jenna, another friend of Beth's, and she unofficially became our tour guide as she lives and works in the city.  We had an awesome lunch, and eventually made our way towards the Empire State building.  I wasn't able to photograph it the last time I was in the city, so I made it a point to see and photograph it on this trip. 


       There was also a really cool building just around the corner that I really liked. 

       After that, we made our way down to the subway, and took a train towards One World Trade Center.  We walked a small bit between the subway and our destination, and I found this cool building that I've shot before and had another go at it. 

We waited in line for a while, and eventually got tickets to go up in the tower, but had to wait a while for our elevator up so we explored in and around ground zero. 

       The reflecting pools are beautiful, and in some of the names surrounding them were small trinkets/mementos.  In the image below, someone had stuck a small flag in one--it just seemed perfect, so I got low and captured it.  Something so simple seemed to say so much. 

       While waiting in line for our elevator ride up, I decided to photograph the facade of the building, and right before we went inside the sky lit up in a beautiful orange color.

       We stepped off the elevator on floor 102-- as you go up the walls in the elevator are screens, and it gives you a visual history of the city.  It was so cool!

       Now, we come to the best part of the trip--we arrived at the observation deck at sunset, and had some incredible light and views.  I spent close to an hour photographing in all directions.  I had to shoot through the glass (obviously, as there's no "open" deck to view from), and Beth's scarf came in clutch as it helped me knock down the reflections and capture sharp images. 

       If you've not been up to the top, it's something I'd highly recommend.  I'm sure it's pretty and all during the day, but the city lights at night create a whole new level of awesome.  I was in photography heaven--thankfully my friends didn't mind that I spent so long taking photos while we were up there!

       Our last stop was Rockefeller Center, as many of us had never actually seen the tree.  The city as a whole wasn't that busy, but as we got closer to the tree the number of people there increased exponentially.  In the square itself, there was almost no room to move.  It was crazy, but we got close enough to get a few photos.  Shout out to Pam for capturing the one of Beth and me!

       And here are the three ladies I spent the day with.  We had a lot of fun, and it was a great day in the city!  Something I wish I could do more often, for sure. 


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