Daffodil Festival | Nantucket | 4-25-15

          For the last few years my parents have gone to Nantucket for the Daffodil Festival, and every year I've been in college.  This was the first year I've been able to go, and you bet I made it happen.  We left the house early (around 5am), and drove to Hyannis.  


We opted to take the high-speed ferry, as the slow-speed would have gotten us on the Island almost two hours later.  It was my first time on a high-speed ferry, and I can't tell you how cool it was! We left under blue skies, a light breeze, and bright sun.  It was a bit tricky to get the compositions I want (I'm used to working on a boat where I can get to every spot), but I made the best of it. 

We took both dogs, and they were so well-behaved all day--Bowen enjoyed the ferry ride.

And Mugsly on mom's lap (as always).

There was barely a cloud in the sky.

Nantucket welcomed us with bright sun, and a beautiful daffodil wreath on the lighthouse.

And as we disembarked I caught a frame of the ship.

Within minutes I must have seen a thousand daffodils.  You truly felt surrounded by flowers, which is such a cool thing to see. The cars, the people, the shops, all draped in gorgeous flowers.

We had a killer breakfast at the Fog Island Cafe.  

And we found this quaint little shop with an incredible amount of character.

And I put the GorillaPod focus to some serious work with long exposures.  Such a cool product, and I'm so very glad I brought it along.

And the vehicles on Main Street were loaded with even more flowers.

And found this duo who were so perfectly dressed.

I had a teacher in high-school who always talked about Haberdashery's, and ever since then I've wanted to visit one.  And on Nantucket I was finally able to.

Flowers. Everywhere.

And of course the police were present with impeccable motorcycles.

Main Street was packed.

And these incredibly talented English Stick Dancers gave us quite the show.

And I made my way into the United Methodist Church, where I found this gorgeous Appleton Organ, which was built by Thomas Appleton in 1831, and transported to the island by way of the W.G. Nettleton packet ship in 1859.

It was breezy in the shade, and Mugsly is terrible at keeping himself warm, so dad held him in his coat for most of the parade.

Later in the afternoon we walked around and found even more flowers to enjoy.

And this interesting hanging decoration.

And this entryway that just seemed to say "Nantucket" to me.  

And if I had a house of my own I would have bought this hand-made door knocker in seconds.  

And we had a late lunch at The Backyard Barbecue... their homemade sauces were incredible! 

Bowen and Mugsly were dressed for the occasion!

The only long-exposure I have from the day, taken while waiting for the late ferry ride back.

And one last frame as we slowed down and came back into the harbor in Hyannis.

It was a beautiful day, and I highly recommend it to anyone who's contemplating going--you can bet you'll see me there next year!