Pacific Northwest | July | 2016 | Part 2

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| Day 7 |

Our second day of fishing was much quieter--we were on the Kitsumkalum River angling for Chinooks.  We each hooked into a few, Uncle Todd pulled one within 20 feet, but neither of us could quite land one. 

There was some heavy fog in the morning, but the water was still beautiful.

Some of the trees here were soooo tall.

Scottie spent a large part of the day teaching us the reverse c spey cast...

and we had a spotted sandpiper keep us company for a little while.

The fog burning off was pretty beautiful.

Never fear--we didn't troll!

Have I said how much I loved the water color?!?

shooting a bald eagle at 600mm from a moving boat in the river isn't easy... but it worked!

| Day 8 |

Our last day of fishing with the lodge was pretty eventful--we each hooked into a lot of pinks and chums.  It was definitely a great final day of fishing and relaxing.

have i mentioned how beautiful it is there?

a closer perspective--I really like that tree in the bottom right... kind of looks like a spire.

Our guide grabbed my rod while i was taking photos... he really showed us up with his single spey.

One of the many chums we pulled in.

our guides dog kiteen (named after a local river) was really curious of the fish.

I think the kitimat is just slight prettier than the kalum.

a portrait of kiteen.

I was also able to get pretty close to these two juvenile eagles.

and i rounded out the day by capturing a photo of the view from our lodge.

| Day 9 |

We spent this day slowly making our way from Terrace to Prince Rupert.

The roads provided nice framing for many of the peaks.

One of the many pulloffs--sadly, the skeena was pretty blown out from the rain (this is why it looks brown and not blue), but it got greener closer to the ocean.

This is how uncle todd told me i've taken enough photos for that stop....

and we found this tree growing out of a tree.

and we found this tree growing out of a tree.

the rapids we came here to see were nonexistant... but the trail was really nice

| Day 10 |

We spent our day exploring around Prince Rupert and trying to fish a lake we soon learned had no fish...

the salmon cannery was in a killer location and looked so cool.

uncle todd had fun holding my camera... i have so many nose pictures...

this was an artificial lake/reservoir, and full of snags, and no fish... but the views were nice!

| Day 11 | 

We went out on the water fishing for Halibut and Coho... what a day!! Special thanks to Chad from Nicholas Dean Outfitters for being the cameraman and taking some photos of me!

My fourth species of the trip, a coho salmon right outta the pacific!

The circle hooks we used for the halibut were pretty huge.

Apparently these dogfish are poisonous... unlike the ones we have on the east coast.

chad working up one of the halibut.

I think every instance of fog burning-off was pretty on our trip.

This is one of mine I reeled up... we caught it on octopus!

chad pulled in the biggest--this 86cm beauty!

One of my favorites from the trip...

Hello Prince rupert!

| Day 12 |

Our last few days were up in the air--we hadn't really planned out the end of our trip, and spent this day driving to Terrace and up to New Aiyansh.

eagles are so common there--so much so, they hang out at the dump.

My father had asked for a photo of a canadian train... so we saw this one coming from afar and pulled over and I ran across the road just in time.

The mountains are all the perfect height--the lower portions are clear and the mid/upper sections are almost perpetually covered in fog/clouds.  This was a view across the skeena...

Train tracks also make great leading lines.

Kalum lake... the lake that starts it all!

we found this section of water uncle todd wanted to try and fish, and I ran away in the opposite direction and found this perfect vantage point.  I'll say that this is likely the most technically difficult photo of the trip--the exposure difference between the highlights under the bridge and the shadows to the left under the rocks were huge, so much so that I used a combination of Lee filters and 4 photos stitched together to achieve a more even exposure.  

this was to the left of the above photo--the side lighting illuminated the water and really drew out that beautiful blue color.

| Day 13 |

Our thirteenth day was spent driving out to Gingolx, back to New Aiyansh, and down to Terrace for an evening flight back to Vancouver. I used an email uncle Todd had sent me to ensure the time of our flight, and when we arrived at the airport we were buzzed over the intercom and realized we almost missed our flight... but we made it! Just barely.

I would call this the first Bald eagle portrait I'm pleased with.  sharp, the bird fills the frame, and is staring into your soul ;)

More fog-burning off, but this was my favorite.  Gingolx had some killer views!

we fished this small section of river with no luck, even though we saw plenty of pinks hanging out in a lower section.  

Say that five times fast!

The lava fields were pretty cool--i've never really seen lava like this before, and even though it was only about 250 years old it was still pretty awesome! I think I was mostly surprised at how much area it seemed to cover.

panorama city.

Vetters falls was a really nice spot. I didn't shoot many waterfalls on the trip, so it was nice to see atleast one while we were out there.

The light on lava lake was pretty killer as we passed midday.  I almost wish the clouds had cleared and we could have seen that whole mountain... but this looks more sinister somehow, so I'm ok with it. 

And then we took flight! the next selection of images are all from our flight to vancouver. 

When I found this on my computer I said something to the effect of 'man... the first photo from a plane window I've been happy with!"

You don't realize how busy of a port vancouver is until you see it from the air.

the hot air from the engine almost gave this photo an unintentional tilt/shift look.

And my favorite black and white from the trip.

| Day 14 |

Our last day! We spent it out on Victoria, trying to soak in all the sights before I hopped on my flight.

where coastal/freshwater meets full strength salinity water, there's often a line of foam (typically churned up proteins and flotsam), but I've never really seen one as pronounced as this one.

the coolest part about the gardens were just how meticulous everything was.  

The light was a bit harsh... but we made it work.

Even the trash cans were pretty!

Mount baker from afar.

We saw orcas!!! I was so excited.

And to think that this mountain was over 80 miles away... crazy!

This is technically from day 15, but the prop plane I took from montreal to hartford was so tiny!

| The End! |

Thanks for checking it out! If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or on Facebook/Instagram.  


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