Gallery | Norwich | Reliance House | 12-5-14

        Yesterday was a big day for me as an artist and photographer.  I had my first ever gallery showing, in which I showcased 24 photos (21 digital and 3 film) covering many genres.  Many hours were spent choosing, printing, framing, and finalizing the images.  The most difficult part was choosing which ones to print!

         I couldn't have done it without the support of my family, friends, and coworkers.  A special thanks goes out to my parents for their unyielding help--my father for his building of the frames and my mother for her discerning eye when hanging and arranging the photos in the gallery itself.  Another big thanks to Laurie for choosing me as the artist for their monthly First Friday Gallery showings at Reliance House in Norwich.  And finally, to all those wonderful family, friends, and new acquaintances who were able to make it out to the show itself!


"It's one thing to share photos on social media, but that pales in comparison to seeing my work printed big and hanging on the wall for all to see.  What I enjoy most about photography is sharing my work and passion for photography with others, especially people I've never met before.  I've seen art that struck me as beautiful--you know, the kind that makes you pause and gaze in wonder...  And last night I saw people having those same experiences, but with my work."


All the photographs above are for sale!  Click the link below and order your prints today!